Bertalda Frightened by Apparitions c.1830-1835
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Why is it that Law Firms are trying to frightened people into writing WILLS saying that it is Government Legislation.
What is it to do with whether one wants to make a WILL or not,it should be of your personal intention not the Government or a Lawyer who are only trying to fleece you of the few pennies that you might be left with at the end of the day.
One thing for sure they can kiss my backside on that one as only God I listened to, not these Bastards who force things upon you and think you should take it with a smile.


Nick Clegg
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Well it is now Official that anyone that vote Tory are Thick,but can we say that the Liberal Democrats are even Thicker seeing that they join Coalition or should we call them no Brainier.


Statue of Bill Shankly outside Anfield
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It’s such a disgrace to see how often ROY HODGSON made EXCUSES for Liverpool over paid under achieved team that he field each week against teams such as Wolves,Blackpool to name a few whenever they become a cropper.

It is now  a plain sign that either the team got no interest in playing for the Manager or the Manager got no clue in Managing  a team with such status as Liverpool.

One good advise to both Players and Manager is we are feed up  of your cropped and it’s either time you all shape up or ship out as what we all need is for Liverpool F C to be a great force again.

We don’t want to buy Silverware as other teams do or trying to do we always play and win and that’s what we are intended on doing with or without  this previous management and team.

Here We Go Again Why

A march and rally organised by the UEA student...
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Why the coalition can’t cut the Cable, even the blind can see that if the Cable is been cut at such vital session of ruling or been in Government then they might just find themselves in a situation worst than a tuition fee protest as the Cable seams to be the binding within the Coalition as the only Experience Politician within. Axe him and they will crumble.