Torres, Carroll, Suarez, Adam: Transfer Chaos. (via Scissors Kick)

Torres, Carroll, Suarez, Adam: Transfer Chaos. (via Scissors Kick).

Torres, Carroll, Suarez, Adam: Transfer Chaos. (via Scissors Kick)

Fernando Torres
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Thank goodness for that Torres is out ao Liverpool FC.

Torres, Carroll, Suarez, Adam: Transfer Chaos. Adoration of the Golden Calf, Jacopo Robusti “For the first couple of seasons at Liverpool, Fernando Torres was the most complete striker I’d ever seen at the club; Ian Rush’s pace and finishing prowess, but with the ability to also beat defenders with skill and hit a wider variety of strikes. He seemed humble, hard-working and devoted to the club. He was perfect. While his goalscoring remained impressive last season, in spite of injuries and the … Read More

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Con-Dem to Die

The logo of NHS Wales.
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Not only are we Con-Dem to die by slashing funds for the NHS but also slashing funds for the Asbestos AdS campaign which warned us mostly people that works in the Building Services.
According to one News Paper research more than 35,000 victims with an average of 20 Tradesman Die each week,but yet the Con-Dem Government believe it’s a waste of fund in eradicating such threat within the Industries.

Brother-in-Law should go on trial.

Tony Blair in Osnabrück
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So Tony Blair sister-in-law is calling for him to be arrested and go on War Crime trials.
There you go another Islam converted who is ready to sell their own,wonder how much she know about Islamic faith.

What is the word It?

Ask an Expert
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We all seem to use the little word It, but has anyone ever actually knew the meaning or purpose of this one little word.
Even when a woman give birth to a child we seem to ask this question what is It.

Town Hall Staff skip NHS waiting List.

Nick Clegg and other MPs
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We are all in it together,but new revelation show that David Cameron is Paying for his Town Hall Staff to jump the queues on the NHS while terminally ill Citizens have to wait.
Goes to show how distant we are from the Government and it’s promise on better Health Service for all.