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The Craziest Footballer:

Cole before the match against Aston Villa.
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Here we go the Craziest Footballer was found at Chelsea FC, known as no other than Ashley Cole.
There you go again it’s another Stupid Black man who have nothing better to do than mess with a gun which eventually injured a young man.
Chelsea have charge him two weeks wages, but is that enough, what would have happened if he had taken the life of this young man, sorry mate but shooting is shooting and this is where the Law should take it’s course.
Time to teach these money fools from the Football world to be more responsible.

Steplite Electrical – Home

School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
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TV Packages:

Cable tv
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Have you ever taught about how your TV Packages Suppliers Trick you into buying their packages.
First it is free set top recordable box with the added half price installation.
But what they don’t tell you is even thou you can record these Favorited program it’s been repeated on about four other channels, so then why would I want to record something that I can catch up on another channel immediately after.
Think about it they certainly know how to rip us off.