MP fined $10,000 – News – Jamaica Star – November 28, 2011

MP fined $10,000 – News – Jamaica Star – November 28, 2011.

Watch the great Goliath Merkel slain poor little David and the rest of the EU

European Election Poster
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Now it looks like there will be no more Great in Britten as the Great Goliath is about to achieved what Hitler as failed to do in war time by conquering the rest of Europe in creating one state with one single currency.
Time and again we have seen our Leader been told to shut up and accept what Germany want’s and not what the British want, therefore the big question is where do we go from here within Europe, are we going to leave it solely unto our Leaders to make the decision which will see us surrender our Great Country to a bunch of morons who is not even capable of making one single suggestion on how to rescue the ailing Euro much more an European state.


Surely it should have read instead,Race row engulfing Evera as Blatter did not cried Racism against any of his fellow workers or team players,Evera was the one who started this nonsense then came Ferdinand.
How often does the word NEGRO OR NIGGER been used amongst Black and Black and it does not amount to be deemed as Racism but as a none Black swear or otter something within such contents they are up before the courts by the arrogant people.
I for one would rather to be call a Nigger than to be called coloured as this shade does not change but colour does and if you do not want to be called BLACK then there’s one alternative which is you can Bleach the tone of your skin, lets hope they do get the cold shoulder from their team mates, for too long we are living in the shadow off the pass it’s time we all move on, as another Black man sorry guys you both sucks.

Suarez Charge for Racism

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How Ironical it is for two Black Boys to cried out Racism against another Footballer who is none Black ( NEGRO)as I know it.
It’s a shame to know that another Black person can call you a Nigger and you have to accept it but whenever anyone else do so it is racism, I for one would like to tell these fellow Black boys one little sentence in my own words if you can’t take the heat in the game get out in stead of tarnishing other players name to be Racial.
What are they seeking extra gambling or drugs money, grow up lads and stop been a wimp.