The Football Association

View of Old Trafford from East Stand
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English: Suarez got Liverpool player of the month
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As a BLACK person I would like to challenge the FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION on the LIVERPOOL SUAREZ case as the news is that they are disgusted over the name NEGRO which was used by Suarez a few months ago in a game between Man U and LIVERPOOL.
You people are saying not to call a Black person Black therefore what should they be called or described, because damn you if you called me coloured I would have sued the ass off you for doing so, as my skin pigment does not change from Black to Red, therefore for a everyday banter why is Saurez and Terry been penalised for something that been used amongst the said Blacks that you are trying to defend each day.
I personally would like to meet with either the FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION and any member of the Government for the ANSWER or ALTERNATIVE for the Colour BLACK, as Coloured IS CORRUPTION.


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