MP Say’s SORRY for White’s Divide and Rule

Diane Abbott
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Looking back I taught we have seen the back of 2011 and looking forward to 2012 without been drag back into the Racist saga.
No my dear friends it is alleged a member of Parliament naming ( Diane Abbott ) has now caused another slur by tweeting White’s Divide and Rule.
Personally I believe that is very much unacceptable especially coming from such an long standing member who have represent the Black community for so long in the house of Parliament.
If Footballers can be punished for their banter on the pitch then it is only right that such Parliamentarian should be punish also, it would better for not just making an Apology but to resigned her post with effectiveness, one should be ashamed of such public comments,
It does not matter what origin one are such comment is very much unacceptable in the eyes of those who are willing to move on in the right direction in living together and accepting each other as one natural human being that God‘s has created, let’s get a grip and move on.