Stretching Cops to the Limits.

The British Police Force has now been reportedly over Stretched to the limit where almost 45% of case reported will go unsolved because the Government slash and burnt cuts in manpower.

How can they justified the path in which they have taken in reducing the number of policemen and women who are willing to give their lives to maintained Law and Order within our Communities.

Aren’t they in on date with the current surge in Crime or will it have to be where some member of Parliament to be on the receiving end of one of these violent attacks before they come to their senses and stop these cuts and start recruiting to give our existing Officers a bit of Moral support.

I have seen where a Crime has been reported and even thou the Police Station is a mare 200 yards from the scene it takes an Officer 3 hours to attend, is this the kind of Policing that the Government is promoting or is it just merely turning their backs on the Public.