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Asteroid Moon: 1998 QE2 Space Rock Has Own Satellite, Radar Reveals

English: A triple system Near-Earth asteroid 1...
English: A triple system Near-Earth asteroid 1994 CC. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


English: Asteroid 2867 Šteins, (2867) Šteins. ...
English: Asteroid 2867 Šteins, (2867) Šteins. Artwork view of 2867 Šteins Asteroid as seen during the flyby of the Rosetta space probe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Timelapse of Asteroid 2004 FH's flyby (NASA/JP...
Timelapse of Asteroid 2004 FH’s flyby (NASA/JPL Public Domain) 2004 FH is the centre dot being followed by the sequence; the object that flashes by near the end is an artificial satellite. Images obtained by Stefano Sposetti, Switzerland on March 18, 2004. Animation made Raoul Behrend, Geneva Observatory, Switzerland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Asteroid (4179) Toutatis
Asteroid (4179) Toutatis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Astronomers getting their first close-up glimpse of a giant asteroid about to whiz by Earth found a surprise bonus rock. A smaller moon asteroid is circling the larger space rock, an unusual but not unheard of space phenomenon.


The larger 1.7 mile-wide rock named Asteroid 1998 QE2 will be the closest to Earth on Friday at 4:59 p.m. EDT. Don’t worry, though. It will still be 3.6 million miles away. NASA scientist Paul Chodas (Ch’OH’duhs) said it’s one of the larger asteroids to swing by Earth and is the size of the space rock that wiped out the dinosaurs.


The smaller rock was discovered Wednesday night by astronomers using radar to look at QE2. The moon asteroid is about 2,000 feet wide. That’s about average for such near-Earth objects.



Bikini Wax :What You Need To Know Before Getting Hair Removal ‘Down There’

‪Norsk (bokmål)‬: Bikini lines ved brasilian...
‪Norsk (bokmål)‬: Bikini lines ved brasiliansk voksing Deutsch: Bikini lines, Brazilian waxing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
the groin area of a woman is treated with hot wax
the groin area of a woman is treated with hot wax (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Low rise bikini
Low rise bikini (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The words “bikini wax” automatically sends a shudder down our spines. It’s always painful, often pricey and can potentially lead to STIs. But this hair removal treatment is how we avoid having a Miranda Brazilian moment when Samantha calls her out for sunbathing with a “hairy bush.”

To get physically and mentally prepared for bikini waxing, we asked Uni K Wax founder Noemi Grupenmager to share all she knows about waxing “down there.”

What are the most common mistakes women make before a bikini wax?
Consuming alcohol thinking that it will ease the pain, but it tightens pores, which can lead to a painful waxing experience. Also, trimming hair too short before waxing because they think the hair is too long. Or shaving between waxing services, which reverses the benefits of waxing, including removing hair from the root and having silky smooth skin.

How can you reduce bikini waxing pain?
Be sure to hydrate and moisturize the skin before and between waxing. Drinking water and applying moisturizer like Dry Oil Spray and Ultimate Balm on a daily basis is not only beneficial to your body leading up to a wax, but highly beneficial to your overall health.

How long should hair be “down there” to achieve the best bikini wax?
In order to achieve the best waxing results, make sure that your hair is grown out to about one-eighth to one-fourth of an inch. This is the ideal length for hair to be before waxing because it will allow the wax to better grip the hair and be released from the root, rather than just the hair above the skin being removed.

Can you get a bikini wax during your period?
Yes, you can have a bikini wax during your period. However, if you are sensitive during your menstrual cycle, you might want to avoid a bikini wax during those days.

What are the pros and cons of the various bikini waxes?
Strip wax, applied hot, is the most popular wax used, and makes for a tedious, slow and painful procedure, often leaving the skin feeling sticky and irritated. Hard waxes are also applied hot and soon cool to break and crack, making the wax difficult to remove and reducing hair removal efficiency. Elastic wax, unique to Uni K Wax, is applied at body temperature allowing the wax to stretch and remove hair from large areas, without strips, causing less of a pull to the skin.

What is a big no-no when lying down on the waxing table?
Interfering with the treatment — always leave the waxing to the professionals. There was a mom who visited Uni K Wax with her daughter to get the girl’s eyebrows waxed. The mom tried to control the waxing and actually moved the waxer’s hand to get the shape she wanted! This caused the wax to fall on the girl’s eyelid. Luckily, the waxer was able to remove the wax with oil and finish the service with no other accidents.

What are some of the dos and don’ts pre- and post-bikini waxing?
Do: Exfoliate in between waxing to reduce the chance of ingrown hairs.
Do: Use sun protection when exposing your skin to the sun. It is especially important during the first 24 hours after waxing in order to avoid redness.
Do: Let your waxer know before your appointment if you have any allergies, health conditions, or are taking any medication, like Accutane, or if you are using any topical lotions or creams like AHAs or Retin-A, which are not compatible with waxing.
Don’t: Use numbing products or pain relief medicine, such as Advil, as it is not necessary.
Don’t: Take alcohol (and other stimulants such as caffeine) prior to waxing, stimulants tighten the pores.

What types of skin reactions or conditions come about as a result of improper bikini waxing?
Hard and honey strip wax applied too hot can cause the skin to burn, itch or bleed. Additionally, some medications or medical conditions can cause the skin to react. These skin reactions can be reduced by an experienced waxer, who should have a keen eye for problems she sees on the customer’s skin prior to waxing and the waxing technique they use.

Have you ever had a bikini wax session turn for the worse?

Woolwich Attacks: Mosque Offers Tea And Biscuits, As Leaders Stand Defiant Against BNP Protest Threat

Woolwich Ferry, looking south west towards Woo...
Woolwich Ferry, looking south west towards Woolwich (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Woolwich Docks, Sydney
Woolwich Docks, Sydney (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Woolwich (Photo credit: Steve White2008)
Woolwich Barracks Flower Memorials
Woolwich Barracks Flower Memorials (Photo credit: kenjonbro)
Memorial Flowers for the Rigby Family
Memorial Flowers for the Rigby Family (Photo credit: kenjonbro)
Islamic Society of Britain
Islamic Society of Britain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Muslim children going to mosque in Woolwich should never feel ashamed or afraid to express their faith in modern Britain, MP Sadiq Khan said on Friday as a coalition of leaders gathered for tea and biscuits with the Woolwich community at the mosque.

The Greenwich Islamic Centre put stalls along the main road, offering cups of tea, or more popular glasses of cool juice in the hot sun, along with platters of custard creams.

Imans chatted to local clergy, and worshippers stayed behind after Friday prayers to speak to Christian, Sikh and Jewish representatives who came to show solidarity.

Religious leaders lay a wreath outside the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich
The community is certainly tense. On Saturday, more than ten days after the brutal killing of Drummer Lee Rigby, the BNP plan to defy a police ban to march through Woolwich and protest outside Islamic buildings, and leaders are bracing themselves for ugly scenes.

Inboxes have been flooded with nasty emails, but the positive ones mosque leaders have received have given them hope, one iman said.

“Our boys play football every week at the army barracks,” said Dr Tariq Abbasi, director of the Greenwich Islamic Centre. “If someone says to us, you aren’t integrated, you don’t have links with the community, the army, they are wrong. Of course we do.

“Every week we have people coming in from there. And we were going to cancel the football after the tragedy, and they said, no, please don’t, life should go on. So we continue, our boys will play football as normal.”

After the refreshments, religious leaders including the former Archbishop of Southwark, the Bishop of Woolwich, a senior rabbi, politicians including Khan and local MP Nick Raynsford and anti-fascist campaigners laid a wreath which spelt “PEACE” in white flowers in the sea of bouquets outside the barracks, which was earlier visited by the Queen.

Khan, shadow minister for London, warned there was potentially more ugliness to come. “There are going to be trigger points that come over the next few weeks, they’ll be trigger points today, tomorrow’s demonstration, the funeral, the arrests.”

But he continued: “It’s half term and there’s a lot of children at the mosque today. Those men hijacked the religion we belong too, they used those words Allah Akbar, a phrase we use when something good happens.

“I do not want those children in the mosque here today to be ashamed, or to be nervous about expressing their faith. And the solidarity shown here is so important, it gives those children confidence, as a British person, a citizen, and a Muslim.”

“Lee Rigby’s family summed it up better than all of us can,” Julie Siddiqi of the Islamic Society of Britain said. “I could never have given the message in such a powerful way as them.

Former Archbishop of Southwark, Kevin McDonald (left) and Imam Ali Omar lay a peace wreath outside the Royal Artillery Barracks
“There are 60 million people in this country. Muslims are worried, they are afraid of what will happen but you have to think, so what? What are a few hundred idiots? We know millions of people don’t feel this way. We won’t allow a few people to divide us.”

Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner, senior Rabbi of Reform Judaism, said that she wanted “something good to come out of this terribly destructive act” that was not just a token “gesture”.

“Walking down the road, I felt anxious about asking where the mosque was. I felt like I was walking in someone else’s shoes, just for a moment,” she said. “I have been asked if I’m here just as a gesture. It is not about that. First, I want to offer practical help, and I also want to reiterate our similarities, our words for peace, greeting and wholeness are so similar, we say Shalom, you say Salaam.”

Anti-fascist campaigner and director of Hope Not Hate Nick Lowles said he actually took heart from how much solidarity he had encountered. “It’s easy to get carried away with the noises of hate, but I actually think that despite the terrible things that have happened around the country, Britain hasn’t bought it. The extremists haven’t won. People understand a religion isn’t behind the actions of two people.

“Only today we sent an email for people to add their names to a statement that said, we are the moderates, we are the many. And we got 30,000 people to sign it in a few hours. People want to do something positive, not going out shouting on the streets.”

Woolwich Proves That Savagery and Bestiality Is No Respector of Borders

English: Saudi Arabia
English: Saudi Arabia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Supplicating Pilgrim at Masjid Al Har...
English: Supplicating Pilgrim at Masjid Al Haram. Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Français : Pélerin en prière dans Masjid Al Haram, la mosquée interdite, à La Mecque (Arabie Saoudite). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Hamid Mir interviewing Osama bin Lade...
English: Hamid Mir interviewing Osama bin Laden for Daily Pakistan in 1997 behind them on the wall is an AKS-74U carbine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The cold blooded murder and mutilation of a young man in Woolwich – a serving British soldier – saw Al Qaeda-type savagery and bestiality explode in our midst for the first time since 7/7. It is the kind of savagery and bestiality that is no respector of borders, race, religion, or creed. It is the same savagery we saw last week in the film of the so-called freedom fighter in Syria cutting out the heart and lungs of a dead Syrian soldier, holding them up to the camera before starting to eat them.

What should never be forgotten is that the vast majority of victims of the disgusting fundamentalist ideology which fuels this savagery are Muslims, whether in Iraq, Libya, Somalia, or Syria. The reason it is crucial to highlight this point is that such heinous acts and those responsible are as unrepresentative of Islam and Muslims as the mass murderer Anders Brevik is of Christianity and Christians.

The word connecting both is extremism. It links the beasts responsible for what took place in Woolwich and groups such as the EDL, who immediately sought to capitalise on it in order to foment the same kind of sectarian war that Muslims and Arabs around the war have suffered for the past decade and more. Surely now, witnessing the racist ingrates of the EDL at work in the immediate aftermath of this brutal murder, it is time for society to come together and drive these racist thugs off our streets.

The overriding priority of all right thinking people – a categorisation that unfortunately at this point does not extend to our political leaders – is to understand where this sick ideology comes from, what feeds it, and the most effective way of combating it. Clearly the tools employed up to now have been wanting. Fighting fire with fire only produces more fire; and fire is what we have been spreading unabated throughout the Muslim world since way before 9/11. Surely now, after more than a decade of piling up bodies in the name of democracy we can no longer afford the luxury of fooling ourselves that killing innocent people over ‘there’ – directly or by proxy – will not result in the killing of innocent people here.

The Muslim community in this country has nothing to apologise for. It does not deserve to be put in the dock for the actions of a few crazed killers who seek to justify bestiality with a distorted and twisted ideology. What does deserve to be put in the dock is a foreign policy that on the one hand fuels and courts extremism and extremists, while on the other wages war on it with the blunt instrument of drone strikes, missile strikes, and wars of occupation.

Britain’s participation in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq has been a disaster – both for the Afghan and Iraqi people, yes, but also for society here at home. While the hatred these wars have resulted in towards the West is no justification for the brutal murder in Woolwich, they cannot be abstracted from the equation either. In an age of electronic communications, social media, and YouTube, the ability of a hate-filled ideology to spread and feed a twisted understanding of the world in response to the West’s immersion in these wars is self evident.

Hypocrisy is never far from any British prime minister’s lips at times like this. How can any British government proclaim its revulsion of Islamic extremism when it continues to enjoy close and friendly relations with the Saudis, a government that legitimates the very same? In case anyone has forgotten, in Saudi Arabia people are beheaded in public, women are treated as no better than chattel, and human rights do not exist. The most barbaric cultural and religious practices are embraced in Saudi Arabia under the rubric of Wahhabism and yet we sell its government of clapped-out potentates billions of pounds in weapons and military hardware every year.

The point is that Islamic extremism is something our leaders have used when its suits them, doing so in order to pursue certain geopolitical objectives. The beast who mutilated the body of the dead soldier in Syria last week is no different from the beasts who butchered a British soldier in Woolwich. Yet Britain along with France is currently seeking to overturn a EU ban on supplying weapons to non state actors in order to arm various rebel factions operating in Syria, many if not most of which are adherents of Sunni extremism and the ideology of Al Qaeda.

It is utter madness.

In response to Woolwich the Muslim community, via its various organisations, has been united in its condemnation and revulsion. This is no time for Britain’s Muslim community to be forced to its knees, as if they are somehow complicit in this butchery. Victims and opponents of extremism must stand together – which means Muslims, non-Muslims, white, Asian, black, everyone who understands that those responsible for butchering innocent people come in all guises. They come dressed in jeans and trainers armed with knives and meat cleavers, and they come dressed in tailored suits armed with smiles and the imprimatur of government.

Georgia Williams ‘Body’ Found, Police Say

English: Street scene in Wellington, Shropshir...
English: Street scene in Wellington, Shropshire. Pedestrianised town centre. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Georgia May Jagger
Georgia May Jagger (Photo credit: Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer)
West Mercia Police
West Mercia Police (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A body found on the Nant-y-Grath pass near Wrexham is believed to be that of teenager Georgia Williams, West Mercia Police said.

A 22-year-old man was arrested on Thursday on suspicion of murdering the 17-year-old who has been missing since Sunday.

Jamie Reynolds will appear in court in Telford, Shropshire tomorrow morning.

Reynolds was originally arrested in Glasgow on suspicion of kidnapping Miss Williams, of Wellington, Shropshire.

Superintendent Malik said the body had not been positively identified, but early indications suggested it was linked to Georgia’s disappearance.

He said: “Within the last hour, following liaison with the Crown Prosecution Service, we have charged 22-year-old Jamie Reynolds with the murder of Georgia Williams.

“For obvious legal reasons, I am not in a position to talk to you about that, to ensure a fair court outcome in due course.

“Sadly, yesterday afternoon, new evidence came to light which identified that Georgia had in fact died at an address in Wellington, in Telford here, and clearly that information has led us to where we are today.

“I can also confirm that this afternoon the body of a female, a young female, has been found in woodland in the pass near Nant-y-Garth in Wrexham, north Wales.

“At this moment in time we haven’t identified that body, but early indications do suggest it’s linked to the disappearance of Georgia Williams.”

Officers had been searching woodland and have taped off an area in a nature reserve about 17 miles from Wellington.

Uniformed officers and a police tent are currently at Brown Moss Nature Reserve, Shropshire.

Georgia had not been seen since telling her parents she was going to see friends at 7.30pm on Sunday.

Police said she had her mobile phone with her when she left, but the last calls and text messages were received from the device at about 8pm that night.

Superintendent Malik said police had been liaising closely with Georgia’s family, “who are naturally devastated by the events of yesterday afternoon and late this afternoon as well.”

He said all investigations were challenging. “This has proved particularly challenging given that colleagues are working relentlessly, but also that one of the colleagues, Georgia’s father, is a police officer within this organisation here, and it’s been emotional for them.

“Whenever someone from a police family is involved, it is particularly distressing, clearly.”

He thanked the investigation team for the progress they had made, the Crown Prosecution Service, and policing partners for their support, and the public and press.

Reynolds would be going to Telford Magistrates’ Court in the morning, he said.

Earlier, friends of Georgia spoke of their hope of her safe return as they leafleted people in her home town of Wellington in a bid to raise awareness about her disappearance.

She was described by close friends as “bubbly”, with a great sense of humour.

Katy Lafferty, who was Georgia’s best friend and helped organise the leaflet drop, said her disappearance was “heart-breaking”.

The 17-year-old praised the support that had been expressed by thousands of people via social media.

Liam Ball who goes to New College in Telford, where Georgia attended lectures, described his friend as “friendly, bubbly and lovely with a great sense of humour”.

The 18-year-old, of Shifnal, said: “She is everything you could want in a friend.

“If I didn’t feel like I was doing something to help I just wouldn’t be coping.”