What a Parent of a Child with a Brain Injury Wants You to Know

In An Instant Your Life Can Change Forever

Kristin Olliney and her miracle, Isabella, making new milestones every single day.

Last year I started an online support group on Facebook called “Parents of Children with Brain Injuries”.  For the first time since Isabella’s Acquired Brain Injury (ABI), I no longer felt alone.  I have other parents that can relate to how I feel, what is going on with Isabella and they quite simply just “get it”.  As a parent to a child with a brain injury we are often misunderstood.  We are seen as people who only talk about brain injuries, we are seen as ungrateful, we are seen as overprotective, we are seen as mean for having our child go to therapy etc.  Below are 12 things we want you to know about us:

1.)    We want you to know brain injuries are an invisible disability.  While our child may look “fine” or even as they did before their brain injury, they are no longer the same child they…

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Reports: NSA surveillance program spans to offline computers


NEW YORK (NBC) – The New York Times revealed new information about a spying program that does what many believed was impossible.

Just as President Obama is set to announce new rules on domestic spying comes the new revelation about NSA surveillance programs overseas.

Edward Snowden says the NSA has been able to penetrate networks that are not connected to the Internet in China, Russia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

Officials say the technique was used in places where cyber attacks against America might be launched.

The New York Times claims the agency got radio transmitters into the systems so NSA agents could record activity from miles away or crash the computers.

Cyber spying experts say U.S. companies worry that coming out about the devices could cost them sales.

Peter Singer, with Brookings Institute, said, “They see themselves, as one Silicon Valley executive described it, as being in an arms…

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