Pregnant Josie Cunningham admits to starting chainsmoking after psychic tells her she’s having a boy

The wannabe model who rose to fame after getting a boob job on the NHS and later infuriated the nation further by declaring her intention to have an abortion in order to get on Big Brother, has caused another stir.

Last week she hit headlines (again) after boasting of receiving taxpayers handouts to pay for taxis as she claimed public transport gives her anxiety attacks, now it seems navigating a double decker isn’t the only issue testing her resolve…

The sex of her unborn child is.

Cunningham – who already has two sons – claims that she turned to cigarettes and booze after being told by a psychic that her third child would also be a boy.

The 24-year-old told The Mirror: ‘The evening I found out the sex of the baby was when I lit up my first cigarette. I’m not proud of myself. It changed everything.

‘Once I’d finished the cigarette I found it difficult to focus on anything positive, so I had a small glass of wine. My intention was to have one, but before I knew it I was on my second and I’d smoked a whole packet of fags. Now I’m smoking 20 a day.

She added: ‘I knew it could harm my child but it didn’t stop me. Deep down I know I wouldn’t be smoking or drinking if I knew I was having a girl.’

No word on if she has had a scan to confirm the sex of the child or consulted a medical professional.

Picked your jaw off the floor yet?

She has admitted had she known earlier in her pregnancy that the baby was a boy, she ‘most probably’ would have gone through with a termination.

What never to do when your relationship ends

BEING in a relationship is a great experience. You feel happy, you are ecstatic, you glow, and you feel valuable and cherished. You and your partner look beyond the struggles of life, believe your love is eternal, and that you are free from problems. But as life progresses, the magical feelings of love ebb and reality takes over. You start to lose respect and fail to understand each other and the relationship ends.

It is often said that love is blind and it makes us into fools at times. You may have figuratively given your heart and soul to a man or woman who didn’t appreciate you and in your attempts not to lose the love you once had you do some stupid stuff. Indeed, some stupidity is expected when you lose your love, but below are some silly things you should never do when your marriage or long-term relationship ends.

1. Beg

Don’t do it, ever. This is one of the greatest signs of weakness and vulnerability. You will hate yourself for it in the end. He or she may or may not return but begging won’t change why they left in the first place.

2. Call/visit/e-mail/text

Your former mate and their new partner will sit and laugh at your desperation. Calling, e-mailing and texting are signs that you are thinking of someone and possibly miss them. Though it may be true, you don’t have to live out your feelings, especially when the other individual thinks nothing of you. Visiting is an indication that you haven’t got over the individual. It also scores 100 points on the desperation scale.

3. Rebound

Getting over an ex doesn’t require getting under another person. Give yourself time to heal, reflect and rid yourself of the hurt or pain you may feel. Broken hearts are real. Yours is broken, fix it through venting, counselling or talking to a trusted friend. Don’t go breaking other’s hearts in a bid to relieve yourself.

4. Settle for less

Setting standards are important and so is moving on. However, ensure that you don’t accept someone because you want to make your ex see that you have moved on. Ensure that who you have moved on with is not less than you deserve but treats you with respect and understands your needs.

5. Wallow in sadness

For heaven’s sake, cheer up! Think of it as good riddance. If the individual wanted to stay they would have. Yes, it’s OK to cry and express your feelings in order to heal but don’t let it get the best of you. Try activities that will force you to focus your attention elsewhere.

6. Keep remnants

If the relationship was long-term, chances are you have a wealth of memories in the form of pictures, gifts, clothes, jewellery and the list goes on. But it’s now time to pack them up and put them far away from sight. Out of sight, out of mind. It will help with the healing process. Seeing him or her on your wall — whether the real one or the one on Facebook — will stir up grief, anger and resentment and that’s not healthy. Purge yourself of the person.

7. Be a loner

Go out, embrace your social side. You are now single, free and have fewer responsibilities. Enjoy it while it lasts. Learn a new craft, try a new sport, hang with a few friends, go clubbing, go to church, and enjoy yourself. If you’re seeking revenge, that’s the best way. Let them see you being happy alone.

Decriminalise ganja spliff now — Grange

OPPOSITION Spokesperson on Youth, Culture and Entertainment Olivia “Babsy” Grange has called on government to amend legislation to decriminalise possession of small amounts of ganja and to expunge the records of those persons, including artistes, who have been convicted for having a ‘spliff’.

Grange said that during recent discussions with a number of individuals in the music industry as well as young persons from various communities on different matters affecting them, she was again faced with how many lives are being affected by government’s delay in decriminalising possession of small amounts of marijuana.

According to Grange, the former administration had already started the process.

“A Cabinet decision had been taken and a Ministry Paper tabled in Parliament proposing to, through legislation, decriminalise possession of small amounts, and to expunge records of those persons previously convicted of such possession. After almost three years in office, when public and international attitudes have become even more supportive of the idea, the present administration continues to drag its feet,” Grange said.

She further pointed out that while the government delays in making changes to legislation, each week hundreds are locked up, prosecuted and fingerprinted for what is in essence, a victimless crime. “They are left with criminal records which define and constrain their entire potential,” she said.

“The horrible irony is that when they can’t get jobs, it adds to rising levels of unemployment and makes them even more susceptible to engaging in criminal activities,” she said, adding that the time had long come to change that.

Grange said she is of the understanding that magistrates can use their discretion regarding fingerprinting, and asked whether in these changing times, and pending new legislation, they might not apply a different context when deciding whether or not to fingerprint individuals for possession of small amounts of ganja.

“My focus, in urging the government to act now, is on the damage to the potential of young persons, most of whom are poor and from the inner cities. We must take every opportunity to reduce their marginalisation, and to create opportunities for employment. This issue also specifically affects young artistes who by reason of being caught with a single spliff find themselves unable to get a visa to travel and grow their careers, ” she argued.

Oldest known alien planet that might support life discovered
Astronomers have discovered what appears to be the oldest known alien world that could be capable of supporting life, and it’s just a stone’s throw away from Earth.

The newfound exoplanet candidate Kapteyn b, which lies a mere 13 light-years away, is about 11.5 billion years old, scientists say. That makes it 2.5 times older than Earth, and just 2 billion years or so younger than the universe itself, which burst into existence with the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago.

“It does make you wonder what kind of life could have evolved on those planets over such a long time,” study lead author Guillem Anglada-Escude, of Queen Mary University of London, said in a statement.

[10 Exoplanets That Could Host Alien Life]

Anglada-Escude was referring to Kapteyn b and its newly discovered sister world, Kapteyn c, which both orbit a nearby red dwarf known as Kapteyn’s Star. But only Kapteyn b, a “super-Earth” about five times as massive as our own planet, is thought to be potentially habitable; the larger Kapteyn c is likely too cold, researchers said.

The astronomers spotted both alien planets by noting the tiny wobbles their gravitational tugs induced in the motion of Kapteyn’s Star. These tugs caused shifts in the star’s light, which were first detected using the HARPS spectrometer at the European Southern Observatory’s La Silla Observatory in Chile. Further observations by two other spectrometers — HIRES at the Keck Observatory in Hawaii and the PFS instrument at Chile’s Magellan II Telescope — backed up the finds.

The team didn’t expect to find a possibly habitable world around Kapteyn’s Star, which is one-third as massive as the sun but so close to Earth that it’s visible in amateur telescopes, in the southern constellation of Pictor.

“We were surprised to find planets orbiting Kapteyn’s Star,” Anglada-Escude said. “Previous data showed some moderate excess of variability, so we were looking for very short-period planets when the new signals showed up loud and clear.”

Kapteyn b lies in the star’s habitable zone, the range of distances that could support liquid water — and thus, perhaps, life as we know it — on a world’s surface. The exoplanet completes one orbit every 48 days. The colder Kapteyn c is much farther out, circling the star once every 121 days.

Adding to the intrigue is the strange history of the Kapteyn system. The star originally belonged to a dwarf galaxy that our own Milky Way eventually absorbed and disrupted, researchers said, throwing Kapteyn and its planets into their speedy, elliptical orbit in the galactic “halo” — the region surrouding the Milky Way’s familiar spiral-armed disk.

The remnant of this gobbled-up dwarf galaxy is likely Omega Centauri, a globular cluster about 16,000 light-years away that contains many thousands of stars that are around 11.5 billion years old, researchers said.

“The presence and long-term survival of a planetary system seems a remarkable feat given the peculiar origin and kinematic history of Kapteyn’s star,” the researchers write in the new study, which will be published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. “The detection of super-Earth mass planets around halo stars provides important insights into planet-formation processes in the early days of the Milky Way.”

The new discovery is an exciting one that could inform the search for alien life throughout the galaxy, outside researchers said.

“It suggests that many potentially habitable worlds will be found in the next years around nearby stars by ground-based and space-based observatories such as ESA’s PLATO mission,” said Richard Nelson of Queen Mary University of London, who was not a part of the study team. “Until we have detected a larger number of them, the properties and possible habitability of the near-most planetary systems will remain mysterious.”

Police spot gunman who killed 3 in Canada, but he’s still at large

In a country often stereotyped as being too genteel, the Canadian city of Moncton, New Brunswick, prides itself on a special distinction: It was named the most polite.
So what happened there Wednesday seems unimaginable to some residents.
A man dressed in fatigues and carrying a rifle went on a rampage, killing three police officers and wounding two others.
On Thursday morning, the shooter was still on the loose.
Police say they know who the suspect is: 24-year-old Justin Bourque of Moncton.
On Thursday morning, police spotted Bourque at least three times in the area, but “results for apprehension have been negative,” New Brunswick Royal Canadian Mounted Police Superintendent Marlene Snowman said.
Police posted to social media a photograph of a man dressed in fatigues, carrying what appeared to be a rifle.
Police posted to social media a photograph of a man dressed in fatigues, carrying what appeared to be a rifle.
The search for the suspect is ongoing, and Snowman asked residents to continue to stay indoors and remain calm.
The victims were all officers of the RCMP, said Roger Brown, the commander for the New Brunswick RCMP.
“This is perhaps the darkest day in the history of RCMP New Brunswick,” he said.
Authorities have not released the names of the officers killed, saying they are waiting for all family members to be notified.
More than 16 hours into the manhunt, police don’t know — or haven’t disclosed — what prompted the attacks.
Police leaders appeared emotional as they conveyed the few details they had to reporters.
“As you can imagine, this is working through your worst nightmare,” Brown said.
3 officers wounded in Canada shooting
Terror outside the window
The rampage began Wednesday evening when police responded to a report of an armed man in the north end of Moncton.
The gunman opened fire.
Three RCMP officers were shot and killed, Constable Damien Theriault told reporters.
“Two of our officers were also injured, but their lives are not threatened at this time,” he said, his voice breaking at times.
Joan MacAlpine-Stiles recalled seeing the gunman when she opened a window.
“It was really warm in the house, so we opened up the windows in the family room, and there he was going across through the back with this rifle on his shoulder,” she told CNN partner CBC.
“I said, ‘Oh my God, there he is with camouflage and the headband and a gun,’ and it looked like a bow he had with him, and I mean he was just through our backyard,” she said.
After police arrived, neighbor Vanessa Bernatchez watched with a couple of others from a living room window. She uploaded a video of the confrontation to Facebook.
“He shot him. He shot the … cop,” a man in the video exclaims. “Call 911!”
‘That could never happen here’
Moncton, a city of about 140,000 people, is about 150 kilometers (93 miles) northeast of Saint John.
The Canadian magazine Chatelaine has described Moncton as one of the best places to live and work in Canada, according to the city’s website.
In addition, Reader’s Digest recently named Moncton as the most polite city in all of Canada, the city said.
Such accolades seem to matter little now.
The violence shook Moncton and beyond.
“It’s a lot. Especially for a city like this, where you wouldn’t expect something to happen like this,” local resident Jonathan Hurshman told CTV. “You see it all in the states, and you think, ‘No, that could never happen here’ — and sure enough, it happens here.”
There were no homicides in Moncton in 2011 and 2012, and the average number of homicides per year between 2006 and 2011 was one.
In 2012, the homicide rate in Canada was 1.6 per 100,000, while in the United States, it was 4.7 per 100,000, according to U.N. statistics.
Hurshman told CTV that he tried to get close to the confrontation with his video camera, only to be brusquely turned away by police.
He didn’t see the suspect, but he heard the gunshots and saw what he thought was a police officer on the ground.
“There was a lot going through my head. It was a lot to take in, seeing something like this happen here,” he said.
Hurshman’s family would remain inside their house all day, he told CTV, but early Thursday, he witnessed neighbors who didn’t feel safe packing their cars and leaving.
As the hunt dragged into Thursday morning, police continued giving updates and warnings throughout the night.
“Shooter still believed to be in Pinehurst Subdiv. area of Moncton. Stay locked inside. Avoid area,” the RCMP’s New Brunswick office tweeted.
All entrances to the neighborhood where the attack took place were blocked off, city spokeswoman Isabelle LeBlanc said Wednesday night. Her husband had not been able to get home.
Even some buses were pulled off the road out of concern for public safety, she said.
Hospital calls in more help
As the two injured officers were being treated, a local hospital had to get reinforcements.
“We have called in extra staff and physicians at The Moncton Hospital to help deal with this situation,” said John McGarry, president and CEO of Horizon Health Network.
“We are restricting visitors to those with critically ill family members, and ask all others to refrain from visiting at this time.”
Searching while grieving
As police keep looking for the gunman, they must do so while grieving the deaths of their colleagues.
When asked how officers would push through, Constable Theriault said, “We are professional.”
Moments later, he choked up and ended the news conference.

Gary Glitter charged with sex offences

Gary Glitter has been charged with eight counts of sexual offences against girls.

The charges relate to two women who were aged between 12 and 14 at the time of the alleged offences between 1977 and 1980.

The former pop star – real name Paul Gadd – is due to appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on 19 June.

The Crown Prosecution Service said no further action would be taken over five allegations made by two other people.

Baljit Ubhey, chief crown prosecutor for CPS London, said: “We have carefully considered the evidence gathered by the Metropolitan Police Service.”

Mr Gadd, 70, was arrested on 28 October 2012 at his London home following an investigation by detectives from Operation Yewtree, which was set up after the Jimmy Savile abuse scandal.

Police material
Ms Ubhey said police had been “providing material to the CPS since July 2013, with the most recent material submitted in March 2014”.

The charges relating to the first complainant, who was aged 12 or 13 at the time of the alleged offences, are:

Two counts of indecent assault between 31 January and 31 May 1977
One count of administering a drug or other thing in order to facilitate sexual intercourse between 31 January and 31 May 1977
One count of sexual intercourse with a girl under the age of 13 between 31 January and 31 May 1977
Two counts of indecent assault between 31 May and 31 December 1977
Charges relating to the second complainant, who was aged 13 or 14 at the time of the alleged offences, are two counts of indecent assault between 1 October 1979 and 31 December 1980.

Glitter rose to fame in the UK in the 1970s with a flamboyant stage persona and hits such as Rock and Roll (Part 2) and Leader of the Gang, the latter reaching No 1 in the UK music charts in 1973.

CAPLETON IGNORES GAY PROTEST – Performed despite demonstration at club

Capleton’s management team says they were not bothered about the protests by gay rights’ lobbyists at a club in New York last weekend. It was reported last week that protests were held for the removal of dancehall artiste Capleton from a concert at the BB King Club.

The demonstrations came on the heels of a rally by gay rights lobbyists for the withdrawal of reggae artiste Queen Ifrica from a concert in New York recently.

But last night, Capleton’s Manager, Claudette Kemp, told THE STAR that despite the gay lobbyists’ effort, the artiste was unperturbed and was focused on more important things.

“We have more important issues to deal with, it’s foolishness and we are ignoring them, we are not going there,” she told THE STAR.

Capleton was scheduled to perform at the BB King Club and Grill, in New York last Wednesday night. On the day of the event, the Jamaica Anti-Homophobia Stand (JAHS) issued a release calling for the cancellation of the artiste’s performance.

“The protest calls for the cancellation and condemns the promotion of and profiting from anti-gay hateful music here in NYC where LGBT lives and rights are valued.”

The release also stated, “Jamaican reggae performer Capleton is known for his songs that call for LGBT people to be killed and makes comments from the stage calling for LGBT people to be killed. Capleton signed the Reggae Compasionate Act agreement (an agreement to not promote hatred and violence) in the middle of 2007 and broke the agreement on 12/24/07.

But, despite their efforts, their protest, outside the club was in vain, THE STAR contacted the BB King Club and Grill and was informed by a member of the club’s management team, that Capleton did indeed perform that night.

second protest

THE STAR spoke with the President of the Caribbean Alliance for Equality, Jason Latty-Travis, who was also present at the protest and he told THE STAR that although disappointed that Capleton’s performance was not cancelled, that was not the main object of their protest.

“We protested because we wanted the world to know that people like Capleton are causing the death of innocent Jamaicans, our main aim was to let people know what his lyrics are and how they are contributing to the disenfranchisement of gays in Jamaica.”

This is the second protest that was held by members of the gay community against a Jamaican entertainer.

Recently, members of the gay community staged a protest outside the Amazura Concert Hall in Queens, New York, for the removal of reggae artiste Queen Ifrica from the ‘Invasion of the Queens’ concert, which was hosted at the club.

The day after the protest at Amazura, another protest was allegedly staged by members of the gay community at the Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania. Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller received an honourary degree from the institution.