Asteroid that buzzed Earth has small moon

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Watch the video above: NASA released a series of 20 images of the near-Earth asteroid 2004 BL86 taken on Jan. 26, as the rock made its closest approach to Earth.

TORONTO – As asteroid 2004 BL86 buzzed Earth on Monday, astronomers turned their eyes and telescopes to the sky, hoping to learn more about the rock — and they did.

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NASA’s 70-metre Deep Space Network antenna in California captured the first radar images, and found that BL86 — which is about 325 metres across — has a small companion: a moon that is just 70 metres across.

It’s not a complete surprise that an asteroid of this size has a moon. NASA says that about 16 per cent of asteroids that are 200 metres or larger are binary, meaning that they have a smaller moon orbiting it.

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#AceWorldNews – FRANCE:Jan.27: Special police forces arrested four men in the southern French town of Lunel on Tuesday in an action aimed at breaking up jihadist networks, Reuters said.

Two of those detained were returnees from Syria, a source said.

Local media reports earlier said that 10 residents of Lunel, in the Herault region, had sought to travel to Syria to fight alongside Islamists.


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7 reasons not to trust anyone who ‘knows’ who’ll win the 2015 general election


It’s election time (Picture: AFP/Getty)

With 100 days to go until polling day, here’s seven reasons you shouldn’t believe anyone who says they know who’s going to win…

We’ve never had such a long campaign

This is the first time we’ve ever known the exact date of the future general election – which immediately puts us into uncharted territory.

Until now, it was always one of the prime minister’s useful little powers to be able to ‘go to the country’ whenever he or she felt like it.

But under the terms of the coalition deal, all that changed – and David Cameron agreed to fix the date.

That has resulted in lots of tedium in parliament, which has run out of things to do.

It also means Ed Miliband is the first leader of the opposition to have known he’s got to wait the full five years to get a…

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EastEnders spoilers: Will Nick Cotton be revealed as Lucy Beale killer during live week?


Nick Beale, EastEnders Did Nick Cotton kill Lucy Beale? (Picture: BBC)

EastEnders live week is fast approaching and so far we know two things – one, that Lucy Beale’s killer is being revealed and two, that Nick Cotton is set to meet his maker.

The Walford suspects guilty of murdering Lucy Beale on Good Friday were revealed earlier this month and while Nick wasn’t one of them, some are speculating the suspects list was merely a red herring from EastEnders bosses.

He is rumoured to be exiting the soap during the live week next month, with rumours suggesting his old ma’ Dot will bump him off so the timing could be perfect.

Of course to those devoted viewers who have been hooked to the seriously gripping ‘who killed Lucy Beale’ plot since Good Friday last year, you’ll be wondering why Nick is in the frame at all, seeing as he wasn’t even in…

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‘The timing is just terrible’: Has Benedict risked his Oscar chances with ‘coloured’ remark?


Benedict Cumberbatch arriving at the BFI London film festival opening night gala screening of The Imitation Game at the Odeon cinema in Leicester Square, London. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Wednesday October 8, 2014. Photo credit should read: Ian West/PA Wire Ruined chances: Benedict Cumberbatch may have inadvertently spoilt his chances of Oscar success with his politically incorrect remark : (Photo: Ian West/PA Wire)

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Oscar chances may be damaged after he referred to black actors as ‘coloured’ during an interview on US television.

The actor – who has been nominated for an Academy Award for his role in The Imitation Game – apologised immediately for the racial remark which he uttered while discussing the diversity problems that black British actors face in the UK compared to the US on the Tavis Smiley show.

The Sherlock star called himself an ‘idiot’ for using the outdated phrase, and said he was ‘devastated’ to have caused offence after hundreds of people took to social media sites such as Twitter to complain about the comment.

Benedict Apology: The Sherlock star said sorry for issuing the offensive comment during a television broadcast (Photo: PBS)

Patrick Strudwick…

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Poisoning of ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko ‘was an act of nuclear terrorism’


Alexander Litvinenko Ex-KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned in London (Picture: PA)

The poisoning of ex-KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko was an ‘act of nuclear terrorism’ on the streets of London, an inquest has heard.

Mr Litvinenko was poisoned with polonium in his tea in 2006, which caused him to die nearly three weeks later.

The shocking claims that this act was a form of ‘nuclear terrorism’ came from a barrister representing Mr Litvinanko’s widow Marina, who demanded an inquest into her late husband’s death.

Ben Emmerson QC also said: ‘That murder was an act of unspeakable barbarism that inflicted on Sasha Litvinenko the most painful and lingering death imaginable.’

the inquest, which opened today, also heard that thousands of innocent people were also exposed to the radiation and placed in danger.

[metro-link url=”” title=”Alexander Litvinenko public inquiry ruled out as widow slams ‘catalogue of broken promises’”]

Counsel to the inquiry Robin Tam QC, who asserted that Mr…

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Kim Kardashian’s Sleek & Sexy Hair On ‘Conan’ & ‘ET’

Hollywood Life

Kim hit up ‘Conan’ and ‘Entertainment Tonight’ on Jan. 26 and she looked stunning while promoting her new Super Bowl commercial! Get the details on her beauty look below!

Kim Kardashian released her Super Bowl commercial on Jan. 26, and it’s amazing. The selfie Queen looked great while promoting the spot on TV, with natural makeup and sleek, straight hair.

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