UK will need to import over half of its food within a generation, farmers warn | EurActiv

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This is an outstanding, must-read, article from EuroActiv, highlighting the UK’s serious risk of food shortages in coming years.

via UK will need to import over half of its food within a generation, farmers warn | EurActiv.

All the major political parties seem to be playing with policies to appease voters. Nobody is prepared to make a strategic assessment – it’s deeply worrying. Why isn’t food availability being addressed in the election?

Personally, I’m pro-Europe and fortunately countries like France still produce a great deal of food. Have the anti-EU politicians thought about food shortages? If the UK can’t turn to the EU, surely it’s too late to renew imports from the former colonial countries?

Unfortunately, with defense cuts, the UK does not have a navy to protect food imports.

Most importantly, recent governments have been hard on UK farmers. And don’t forgot that UK…

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There Will Always Be War

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Islam - muslim Warriors_AC
caruba_alan20080111 By Alan Caruba ~

We begin with the reality that the United States and many other nations are at war with militant Islamists. They are a growing army of religious zealots murdering Christians, Jews, others who are not Muslim, and even other Muslims.

In my youth America knew how to win wars. In Europe it bombed Germany into submission, leading its allies in an invasion that left Germany divided for decades until the Soviet Union collapsed. In Asia Truman dropped two atomic bombs on Japan because they didn’t get the message when Hiroshima was destroyed on August 6, 1945. It took a second bomb on Nagasaki on August 9 to bring about Japan’s surrender.

Millions died in World War II but the alternative would have been the loss of freedom for millions worldwide.

If one spends any time learning history, the primary lesson is that war has been a constant…

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Russia has lied, misrepresented its activities in Ukraine, Kerry says

Global News

WASHINGTON – U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Tuesday that Russia has repeatedly lied to him about its activities in Ukraine where pro-Russian rebels are fighting national forces.

“Russia is engaged in a rather remarkable period of the most overt and extensive propaganda exercise that I’ve seen since the very height of the Cold War,” Kerry told a U.S. Senate Appropriations subcommittee. “And they have been persisting in their misrepresentations – lies – whatever you want to call them about their activities there to my face, to the face of others on many different occasions.”

READ MORE: Rebels say they are beginning pullback of heavy weapons in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin denies arming rebels in the war in eastern Ukraine, which has killed more than 5,600 people and forced over a million to flee their homes. The fighting began in April, a month after Russia annexed the mostly…

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