Policeman punches 10-Y-O at school

Courtesy: KSLA St Thomas policeman is now at the centre of an investigation being conducted by INDECOM after he allegedly punched a 10-year-old boy repeatedly. Information reaching THE STAR is that the incident, which occurred on February 13, has not gone down well with the child’s mother and other members of their community.

As such, the matter was reported to the Morant Bay Police station, where the officer works, and furthered to INDECOM.

The mother of the child spoke to our news team yesterday, saying, “My son was involved in a fight at school with his classmate over PATH lunch. When school was over, he and his younger sister were on their way to the taxi stand. They were approached by the other child involved in the fight and the policeman who told them to accompany him back over the school.”

Punched twice

THE STAR was told that the policeman took the child into the vice-principal’s office; however, the vice principal was on her way out to deal with another matter.

Our news team understands that while they stood in the office waiting, the officer took the child into an adjoining room, where he was allegedly punched twice in his belly.

“His class teacher was there also, but she said she was going to contact the principal, so she left the room. my son said he punched him two times and ask him if he is a bad man. When him done punch him, he tell him fi go tell his mother cause him nuh fraid a nuh body,” said the child’s grieving mother.

THE STAR was told the child could not eat when he arrived home from school as he was still reeling from the pain.

The mother told our news team that she went to the station, where she saw the policeman.

She said, “When him see me and my son coming, you could see the guilt on his face. so I said to him, ‘why did you punch my son?’ he said to me, ‘Good evening.’ I say, ‘I nah tell yuh no good evening because mi want know why him do that’.”

THE STAR was told that a brief meeting was held at the station with the officer, his superior and the child, following which an official report was made.

Our news team gathered that the cop confessed to punching the child in the presence of his superior, who in turn chastised him for his behaviour.

“Somebody weh fi a protect my son a do my son that?” questioned the child’s mother.

Both INDECOM and the Morant Bay police confirmed the incident and subsequent reports on an investigation.


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