The Single Parent’s Support Group

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

This posting is for all single parents who are raising their children alone. Too many parents, in an effort to hurt the domiciliary parent, selfishly neglect their children just to hurt the parent. They do not provide child support or may pay minimal child support which only hurts the children. They want to keep extra resources out of the hands of the other parent but it is never extra. Many parents spend little time with their children, even when they have court appointed weekends.  Unfortunately for them, in their effort to hurt the other parent in their anger and bitterness, they are only hurting their children and themselves. Many of these children develop feelings of being unloved and wounds of rejection because of the words and actions of their parent. “The Walking Wounded” can begin at a young age…

Single Parent’s Support Group….
that’s what we all need!
For too…

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