Alleged car thief chased down in bush after cop hit by vehicle

Global News

WINNIPEG – A Winnipeg man was chased down in the bush after he allegedly drove into an Ontario police officer who’d pulled him over for speeding.

Trevor Wright, 34, was pulled over for speeding on the Trans-Canada Highway in Ignace, Ont., at about 4:30 p.m. Thursday, said an Ontario Provincial Police news release issued Friday.

An officer asked him for his licence but he didn’t produce one. Instead, he put the vehicle into drive and hit the officer with his vehicle, police said. The officer wasn’t injured.

Police checked the licence plate number and discovered the vehicle had been reported stolen in Winnipeg on Sunday. They chased the vehicle west on the Trans-Canada and onto Osaquan Road, where the driver stopped and took off into the bush, police said.

The OPP K-9 unit and emergency response team were called in and found a man in the bush a short time later.

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