Former Nova Scotia MLA Trevor Zinck resisted breathalyzer, court told

Global News

HALIFAX – Two Halifax police officers testified Friday that former provincial politician Trevor Zinck was belligerent and resistant when he was pulled over for a breathalyzer test.

Const. Dan Kavanaugh told provincial court he stopped Zinck’s vehicle in a Dartmouth parking lot on Oct. 2, 2013, after receiving a report of a possible impaired driver.

Kavanaugh says Zinck, who has pleaded not guilty to impaired driving, initially agreed to the breathalyzer but became increasingly unco-operative and began cursing and shouting, asking the police if they knew who he was.

Kavanaugh says a phone Zinck was holding had to be wrestled away and Zinck had to be placed in handcuffs before officers could administer the breathalyzer.

He says Zinck gave two additional breath samples at a police station, both of which were over the legal limit.

Sgt. Andrew Matthews also testified, saying Zinck told him he “knew people” and was going…

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