Actors offer ‘safari’ tour through one of Mexico City’s roughest neighborhoods


Mexico City’s newest attraction is a neighborhood that tourists have been told to avoid for years.

Tepito, a Mexico City slum nicknamed “Barrio Bravo” (the fierce neighborhood), is one of the capital’s oldest and most dangerous hoods, located near the city’s center. It’s home to a sprawling street market that’s famous for moving large amounts of contraband—everything from pirated video games and soon-to-be released movies, to exotic animals, firearms, and drugs. Mexicans say that if something gets stolen, there’s a good chance you’ll find it for sale in Tepito’s market.

The market is just one of the sights on a new urban “safari” tour created by Dutch artist Adelheid Roosen, who says she wants to end the stigma of this part of town.

06TepitoTepito is also home to the church of “Santa Muerte,” (Saint Death), a sect that appeals to a growing number of working class Mexicans.

Another popular site on the tour are the shrines to the Santa Muerte sect, which has a big following in…

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