Targeted Killings Are Coming Back to the US

Chainsoff's Blog

Matthew Crosston, 14.09.2014

While most international organizations and foreign states have madeattempts to explicitly fuse drones and targeted killing to alreadyestablished norms, ethics, and rules of war, the United States hasfocused more on drones being something of a semi-covert tool of political means. In other words, drone war is not necessarily theexact same thing as conventional war. Once you blur the line on thisbasic fundamental categorization then nearly everything elsebecomes open to interpretation, including civilian versus military,target classifications, proportionality, and necessity.The point being made here is that this ethical ‘standard,’ purposely blurred and contextual, is potentially dangerousas the rest of the world inevitably begins to catch up with the United States in drone technology. Even if the overallstrategy of the U.S. Air Force is maintained, and America remains dominant in terms of drone evolution andinnovation, it will not resolve the possible dilemmas when adversarial countries have drone technology capable of being…

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