‘That ain’t going to happened’ – ‘I don’t do that’ – Ed Miliband the UK’s next Prime Minister?

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Last night, like millions of other people, I saw Ed Miliband, Leader of the Labour Party, interviewed on BBC television.

Let me declare my bias. I have never liked Miliband since he stabbed his more talented brother in the back and stole the leadership of his party in conjunction with the unions.

For years, I have struggled to understand Miliband, with his strange voice and academic arguments.

Clearly Miliband has had a makeover and now he just says either ‘That ain’t going to happened’ or ‘I don’t do that’.

Under Miliband the Labour Party has lurched to the left and it is hard to see how they will finance their statist agenda. Add to that the shopping list of the SNP, the most likely coalition party and Miliband is toxic for me.

Can you really imagine Ed Miliband as the statesman, dealing with the…

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