Members of Vancouver’s Nepalese community look to help in rebuilding efforts

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WATCH: The magnitude 7.8 tremor hit a heavily populated area near the capital of Kathmandu, causing catastrophic damage. Nearly 2,500 people are confirmed dead in four countries and that number is expected to climb. Canada is preparing to send our disaster response team. Jill Bennett has more.

Members of Vancouver’s Nepalese community are closely following the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake and working on ways to help rebuild the South Asian nation.

“We haven’t slept the whole night,” said Abi Sharma, co-owner of Vancouver’s Cafe Kathmandu, on Saturday. “We are first-generation immigrants from Nepal…I have 50 or so immediate family members, and I’m the only one who is here.”

There are around 2,000 people from Nepal living in British Columbia, and Sharma said many of them are planning local fundraising efforts.

“We do fundraising all the time,” he said. “There’s abject poverty…but in a situation like this, the community definitely rallies around.”

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