China says its J-11D fighter jet is superior to America’s third-generation fighters

China Daily Mail

China’s new J-11D fighter jet no. D1101 China’s new J-11D fighter jet no. D1101

The following is based on a translation from Chinese media: says according to US National Interest bimonthly, China conducted the maiden flight of its J-11D fighter jet, an upgraded version J-11B.

The J-11D incorporated the technologies of China’s J-16, which was delivered to the Chinese air force (PLAAF) in April 2014.

It uses the J-16’s Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar, which has a larger range to enable it to intercept enemy fighter jets further away.

Moreover, the AESA radar can be datalinked to drones and other Chinese platforms for better awareness of the situation.

Some analysts believe that the J-11D is probably the Chinese version of Russia’s Su-35.

If so, American third-generation fighters such as the F-15C and the F/A-18E/F are no match for it, and the Chinese jet is superior.

According to a report in Russia Today

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