South China Sea: Philippines Says China Is Destroying Reefs, Ecosystem, Giant Clams

Peace and Freedom


The Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs said on April 13 that “China’s massive reclamation activities are causing irreversible and widespread damage to the biodiversity and ecological balance of the South China Sea.” It also said that the destruction of coral reef systems resulting from Beijing’s land reclamation projects is estimated to lead to economic losses to coastal states valued at $100 million annually.

By Ed Gomez
Philippine Inquirer

While the news in recent weeks have dwelt on the rapid “reclamation” by China of more than half a dozen submerged coral reefs and atolls in the West Philippine Sea, no one seems to be paying attention to the unprecedented environmental havoc directly caused by man on the most productive and economically valuable natural ecosystems on the planet.

Attention has been focused on the potential military and political gains of China, but no one is watching what the Philippines and all…

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