Narendra Modi’s China visit – A hard test of diplomacy

Peace and Freedom


File pic of PM Narendra Modi with Chinese president Xi Jinping AFP

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will continue with his robust diplomacy, paying a three-nation official visit to China, Mongolia and South Korea from May 14–19, just a week before celebrating one year in power. His three-day visit to China from May 14-16, starting from the Chinese President Xi Jingping’s home city of Xi’an will be the most watched leg of his tour. Xi’an is the provincial capital of Shaanxi province, also the home province of 7th century traveller and Budhist monk, Huen Tsang, who studied in India.

While Chinese will push to seek contracts in big-ticket projects like bullet-trains push to seek their pie in investing in high-speed trains, smart city projects and other infrastructure assignments, India will look forward a concrete movement on political side, mainly a commitment to settle land boundaries, which often create unsavoury situations…

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