UPS Driver In Rockford Credited With Saving Man Apparently Trying To Commit Suicide

CBS Chicago

(CBS) — A 40-year-old UPS driver in Rockford is credited with saving the life of a man who tried to take his own life today by jumping off a bridge into the Rock River.

The first thought that UPS driver Jeff Hermansen had was that he would jump off the bridge to try to save the man who had just jumped.

“Then I thought, I don’t know how deep it is. If I break my leg then they’re going to be fishing two guys out.”

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So he ran around, took his shoes off and jumped in the Rock River from the west bank.

“When I got to him, he was kind of flopping around and going under, so I grabbed him by the hair and the shoulder and I flipped him over. And I drug him out.”


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