British police attack anti-government demonstrators

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This December 2014 video about Britain is called Review issued looking into benefit cuts of man who died of starvation.

By Joana Ramiro in London, England:

Anti-Tory protesters are met with police violence

Monday 11th May 2015

Mass arrests and violence reported as police respond to first demonstrations against the new government

POLICE violence and mass arrests marked the first weekend of the new Tory government as thousands of young people took to the streets to voice their anger over further austerity measures.

Despite having been called just days before Thursday’s elections, the Fuck the Tory Government protest saw over 2,000 people march on Downing Street.

But the peaceful protest turned sour when, after three hours of causing havoc with central London’s traffic, protesters and police clashed on Whitehall in scenes reminiscent of the 2010 student movement.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed that 15 people had been…

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One thought on “British police attack anti-government demonstrators”

  1. The British police are increasingly becoming violent since 1945, they are all part of being conditioned to see the general public as enemy number one, the police are instructed to use violence on any member of the society who are not becoming a docile and cooperative member of the establishments model of what is regarded as a normal well adjusted citizen whom becomes a state asset of compliance that internalizes the values and brain prejudices and submissive slave to the establishments ideology of correctness, this means in part you become compliant to becoming superior and those who are not part of what your culture is meaning a taxpayer for excursions abroad to kill humans for what resources they have that is required by the first world and to finance military arms manufactured at home to kill more of those who are regarded as difficult or just in the way.

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