Daniel Sturridge, the best entertainer in the Premier League, critiques his teammates’ fashion sense


By most metrics, Mario Balotelli is the most entertaining Premier League player. But the heavyweight title of Supreme Entertainer actually goes to his Liverpool teammate, dancehall connoisseur Daniel Sturridge.

Sturridge is one of those rare talents who clearly really enjoys and thrives in off-field settings. See a video including Sturridge doing non-soccer things, watch it. Several times. Here’s one his latest videos, done in collaboration with BT Sport. He has jokes and personality, a rare combination.

Have a watch and then meet me on the other side, where I’ll share some thoughts on the Sturridge Phenomenon.

1. Daniel Sturridge is in Clint Dempsey territory

Here’s how it happens. Player publicly embraces rap music. Media realizes player likes rap music. Player can’t avoid interview without being asked about rap music by people who seem to know nothing about rap music. The whole thing becomes annoying.

That’s where things stand with Dempsey.


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