Mexican candidate vows to fight crime by campaigning in a 1960s Batmobile


The Bat Signal has gone up over Mexico, and Valentin Gonzalez is answering the call.

Last week the little-known candidate running for municipal president of Nezahualcoyotl, a crime-ridden area on the outskirts of Mexico City, rolled up to a campaign event in an old school Batmobile looking probably as cool as he ever has.

“Ciudad Neza,” a municipality named after an ancient Aztec emperor, is home to one of Mexico’s roughest neighborhoods and has a long history of local corrupt officials and ruling mafias. So the Gotham comparison isn’t much of a stretch.

[img attachment=”137019″ credit=”via Facebook” size=”full” align=”alignnone” linkto=”none” alt=”11169065_863888757018047_8427234256692189988_n”]

Gonzalez, who represents a minority left-wing party called MORENA, wants to be the town’s dark knight. Although thankfully, he’s not dressing the part. Yet.

“The Batmobile is a resource that my campaign team considered was very important to attract the attention of citizens, youngsters and children alike who face record levels of insecurity…

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