Australian Politics – A Newspaper Which Abuses Prime Minister Tony Abbott So Violently Is Neither Compassionate Nor Reasonable

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

The Age cheered Labor’s scrapping of the border laws – a disastrous act of “compassion” that cost 1200 lives and $10 billion, and brought over 50,000 people we did not choose and struggle to assimilate.

AbbottPM01 Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Yet it has the hide to now abuse Abbott for maintaining the policies which ended the deaths, cut the costs and reserved refugee places for people who were truly fleeing violence:

The Prime Minister’s wall of negativity says much about this nation’s failures but far more about his government’s appalling lack of compassion and its globally embarrassing hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy … Mr Abbott will never be a community father figure, nor a statesman who garners respect. He practises policies that are devoid of empathy.

That is sheer abuse and simply untrue. It is also demanding Abbott do a Rudd – show “compassion” rather than achieve…

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