The case for Jeremy Corbyn

The Slog.

When wobbly bowels in the wartime Conservative Party and the Foreign Office asked the Prime Minister in 1941 whether a formal alliance with the Soviet Union was entirely wise, Winston Churchill replied, “To rid the world of every last vestige of Hitlerism, I would sign an alliance with the Devil”. I feel the same way about Jeremy Corbyn and the sociopathy of neoliberal ideas.

I should fess up here at the outset and admit that Corbynspart is not someone with whom I’d want to have lunch, if only because he’d want to know the country or origin of every last vestige of food on the menu, and thus we might leave the restaurant hungry. He represents pretty much everything about international-solidarity-humourless-rentacause-pc-precious-muddled Labour that I can’t abide. But then, Josef Stalin wasn’t exactly Jo Grimond either. The point is, before December 1941 the Americans were still staring up their backsides, and…

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