Lafayette theater shooter: A drifter who leaves police little to go on

LAFAYETTE, La. – The gunman in Thursday’s movie theater shooting in Lafayette, Louisiana, was a drifter with no obvious motive for his crime, police told reporters Friday.

John Russel Houser, 59, blew into town in early July, Lafayette police Chief Jim Craft said. He had been staying at Motel 6 in the city, where police found wigs and glasses — “disguises basically,” Craft said.

But why he was there, why he chose to stand up in a movie theater full of people Thursday night and unleash at least 13 rounds on them, killing two and wounding nine? Those things remained a mystery, police said.

“We have very little information this far, and that’s why we are asking for the public’s help, anybody who may have had interaction with him,” Craft said.

Here’s what police say they do know about Houser:

• He is originally from Alabama.

• He had…

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