‘He’s talking about people, not insects’: David Cameron slammed for calling migrants ‘swarm’

National Post

U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron was criticized Thursday after he used the word “swarm” to describe the flood of immigrants into Europe from North Africa.

Opposition leaders accused the premier of employing dehumanizing language about people who have gathered near Calais in northern France in the hope of getting to Britain illegally through the Channel Tunnel.

“He should remember he’s talking about people, not insects,” Harriet Harman, the acting head of the main opposition Labour Party, told Sky News television. “He’s been warned about this for months; just using inflammatory language isn’t going to help.”

Cameron made the comments during a visit to Vietnam in response to questions about the crisis at Calais, where hundreds of people have repeatedly attempted to enter the tunnel and stow away on vehicles crossing to Britain. One would-be migrant was killed when he was crushed by a truck on Tuesday, and there have been…

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