Man charged for attempting to extort woman for not wanting him

A man accused of attempting to extort money from a woman was remanded in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court recently.

Charged with extortion is Ackeema Blackwood, 25, a security guard from Yallahs, St Thomas.

The allegations are that Blackwood and the female met in April and exchanged numbers, where they began texting each other daily.

The court heard that the complainant told the accused that she was not interested in a relationship because she had a boyfriend and Blackwood agreed to a friendship.

The complainant said the friendship soured after she asked Blackwood to take a break in their communication because she believed he was texting her excessively.

It was reported that Blackwood got angry and told the complainant that he would spread rumours about her giving him a sexually transmitted disease. The complainant denied having a sexual relationship with accused man.

It was further heard that on July 10 Blackwood told the complainant he would leave her alone if she had unprotected sex with him and gave him $10,000.

Blackwood sent a text lowering the demand to $5000 while the complainant was making an official report at the Hunts Bay Police Station.

The complainant agreed to meet the accused at Ocean Boulevard on July 15, an operation was conducted by the police and Blackwood was arrested and charged.

The complainant, a University of Technology student, told Senior Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey that she wanted the charges to be dropped because she was uncomfortable with the issue being played out in public.

But RM Pusey told her Blackwood had acted outside of the law. “I am sorry but it is no longer in your hands, men such as this should not be on the road being able to use electronic devices to terrorise women,” said RM Pusey.

The defendant’s lawyer said Blackwood had been joking when he sent the text messages but RM Pusey said an incident like that was no joking matter.


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