Mother breaks down after learning she left 1-year-old in hot car for over an hour

Global News

TORONTO – A mother’s anguish and regret was on full display after an Oklahoma police officer told her she had left her one-year-old daughter inside a hot car for over an hour.

But according to one bystander, that sadness isn’t enough to make up for her serious lapse in judgment.

“I told the [police] ‘Look, I see her crying but no matter what, she left that baby in the car and all that crying shouldn’t get her out of trouble,'” Christy, one of the bystanders who spotted the toddler inside the car, Tulsa’s told KOTV News.

The scene played out Tuesday in the parking lot of a Walmart in Owasso, a suburb of Tulsa.

According to the police report, a couple was walking past a van in the late afternoon when they heard what they described as a whimper coming from inside the vehicle.

The couple said they couldn’t…

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