Yemen blockade ‘killing’ civilians; Doctors Without Borders says

Peace and Freedom

A Yemeni man looks from a damaged window at the site of a car bomb explosion near a mosque on July 29, 2015 in the capital Sanaa. AFP / by Ian Timberlake
RIYADH (AFP) – The Saudi-led military coalition’s blockade of Yemen is “killing” as many civilians as the war, the head of aid group Doctors Without Borders said Thursday during a visit to the country.By preventing medicine from reaching the sick, the blockade is “killing as (many people as) the current conflict,” Joanne Liu told AFP in a telephone interview from Yemen’s rebel-held capital Sanaa.

It was the latest warning about the humanitarian situation in Yemen, four months after the coalition began bombing pro-Iranian Shiite Huthi rebels who seized territory in the already impoverished nation.

A UN aid ship last week reached Yemen’s southern port of Aden, and coalition aid planes landed there after anti-rebel forces drove the Huthis…

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