CXCs needed to sell sex toys

An advert posted by an adult sex toy store in the local media recently has garnered the attention of many as it calls for candidates to fill the vacancies of in-house sales representatives and marketing consultants.

However, several begged to question the prerequisites of five Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) subjects, presumably much to the dismay of a few interested contenders.

While cultural views on sex toys appear to be changing, the sex toy store trend has rapidly been catching on across the island, with several promoting the use of a wide range of the products. On the other side of the spectrum, however, is the less thought of applying for a job in one such organisation.

The necessary requirements as stipulated by the adult toys and lingerie store called for persons who “must be very computer literate”, be “knowledgeable in marketing via social media”, and possess “excellent customer service skills”. Candidates were invited to send an application letter, résumé, a passport-size photo, and a letter from the would-be employee’s previous employer to apply to the company.

Basic knowledge

The proprietor of the establishment explained that the five CXC requirements is merely a formality, but “English language, mathematics and information technology” are preferred.

“Sometimes they might come in for sales rep, they don’t have the subjects, but at least they have the experience in sales,” the proprietor said. “Even though we require that, we need them to have the knowledge. And then, the in-house sales reps, they will be controlling money, and stuff like that, checking off and doing stuff like that, so we want to know that they have the basic knowledge of math. It’s nothing too strict or anything like that. You just want to know say dem at least have the basic knowledge of basic things. You want to know say when you hire persons, you hire persons that not going to bring down your business at the end of the day.”

When quizzed about the necessity for a worthy candidate to possess CXC subjects outside of English language and mathematics, the business operator had this to say:

“I mean, sex toys and adult novelties, these things, you just have to come inna the business and know. But if you have your English, it’s not just coming in there sitting down waiting on somebody to come through and sell them the product. You can at least do some social media stuff. You have to can actually write a blog properly. So at least if I know that you have your 2, 3, or 1 in English, I can say, well then, this person is capable of constructing a proper sentence, so we can draw in our customers to our website or to our blog – things that will interest them that will make them want to buy.”

Attractive person

According to the proprietor, typically, people in her position looking for candidates are desirous of having an attractive person for the job, but her opinion differed greatly.

“I wouldn’t say (we need someone) attractive, it’s not that serious. Yes, sex sells and you want the person who is going to sell the sex toys at least to have a sensual and sexual look, but a nuh that alone do it at the end of the day,” the businesswoman explained. “I’m not really looking for that. An attractive person might come in and don’t do a thing and is not willing to learn. When you come in to sell sex toys, you have to have the knowledge of it.”


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