Texas judge orders man who fought with his girlfriend to marry her and write out Bible verses—or face jail

Why Evolution Is True

I have no idea whether a sentence like this is legal or Constitutionally kosher, although judges seem to have wide latitude in imposing sentences. In places like Texas, the sentences can be bizarre. And in this case, the sentence is doubly ridiculous for it’s an unwarranted violation of both private relationship and the Constitutionally mandated separation of church from state.

What happened, as reported by The Raw Story, is that one Josten Bundy got into a fight with the ex-boyfriend of his current girlfriend.

Bundy was charged with assault.

Judge Randall Rogers, from Smith County, Texas, in the NW part of the state, told Bundy he had two choices: spend 15 days in the slammer or marry his girlfriend within 30 days. Bundy opted for the nuptials, but wasn’t happy about being rushed to the altar. Although he loved his girlfriend, he would have preferred the jail term rather than a shotgun wedding, but for some reason the…

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