British House of Lords, greed and crime

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This 16 August 2015 video from Britain is called Peers Claimed £360k Without Voting In Lords.

By Lamiat Sabin in Britain:

Lords pocket 360,000 despite not voting once

Monday 17th August 2015

Electoral Reform Society exposes growing corruption of unelected chamber

SIXTY-TWO unelected peers claimed £360,000 in pay and expenses just for attending but not voting in Parliament over the last five years, according to research published yesterday.

Just 10 of those members were responsible for claiming £236,000 between them, according to a report by the Electoral Reform Society (ERS), which campaigns for reform of the Lords.

Peers who did not vote in the last parliamentary session claimed a total of more than £100,000, said the report, entitled House of Lords: Fact vs Fiction.

Each of the current 781 peers is able to claim £300 tax free for each sitting day in Westminster as well as limited travel expenses…

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