Policing in Canada: From grim statistics to protests, what it’s like to patrol the streets of Toronto

National Post

There were times growing up in Regent Park, the country’s largest and oldest social housing project, when Raphael Waugh brushed too close to violence, poverty and fear. When a troubled childhood friend was shot dead by police as he goofed around with a sword on the street. When he saw kids selling drugs to other kids. Or when his mother, a Jamaican immigrant raising the family alone, leaned on food banks to feed him and his two siblings.

He reflects on that now when patrolling Regent Park as a constable with 51 Division, the Toronto police designation for a bustling, cluttered section of the city’s core.

And these days, as community activists decry police carding, a stop-and-check protocol criticized for disproportionately targeting black men, Waugh also reflects on the times he was stopped by cops as a teenager walking in his neighbourhood when — he swears — he wasn’t up…

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