Canada accepting more Roma asylum-seekers amid growing evidence of persecution in Hungary

National Post

Canada’s acceptance of Hungarian Roma asylum-seekers is on an upswing after plummeting to record lows just a few years ago.

In 2009-10, only one to two per cent of refugee claimants from Hungary were accepted as the Conservative government initiated a crackdown on “bogus” refugees.

[np_storybar title=”Simply being Roma from Hungary is not proof of persecution, refugee judge rules” link=””]
The Federal Court of Canada has rejected the refugee claim of a Hungarian man of Roma background by dismissing the portrayal of sweeping, generalized persecution against the Roma in his homeland.

The man’s credibility was also questioned over his reliance on a variation of a classic excuse: his dog ate his cellphone.

The case of Mario Gyula Varga is the latest clash over Canada’s reception of the diasporic Roma.

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But data from the Immigration and Refugee Board show the acceptance rate has steadily increased: to 20…

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