Don’t embarrass us again!

While I would be happier if the primary reason for the British prime minister’s visit to Jamaica was something other than the repatriation of prisoners to Jamaica, I have a feeling that our good reputation of hosting foreign visitors is about to be tarnished by one particularly persistent set of people.

The last time a senior British government official (actually, the deputy prime minister) came to Jamaica, he was royally snubbed by a senior high ranking government official. The reason for insulting the British deputy prime minister then was because the British were refusing to consider the issue of reparations as anything worthy of their time.

Why do I get the feeling that those who continue to push for this reparations nonsense are busy cooking up another smelly reception for the British prime minister?

Let’s be clear, the British have no moral, legal or historical reason to pay reparations. Slavery was not a crime or even a social contradiction at the time of its height. So, as long as the majority of people living then saw nothing wrong with slavery, there is no credible reason why the British should pay anything now. However, these reparations pushers are very persistent!

I would not be surprised if it turns out that our reparations gang will use those members of Parliament that it has to disrupt the planned speech that the British prime minister is slated to give in the Houses of Parliament. In the name of good sense and the good reputation that we have, I urge those planning anything disruptive to abandon such plans. Please, don’t give the world something to laugh at us for!

I know the when that British deputy prime minister left our country some years ago after being insulted by this crazy reparations demand, he must be wondering why is it that a so-called proud people would want to guilt the British into giving them more handouts. I am begging those who continue to advance the joke of reparations not to give the British prime minister more reasons to go home thinking the same thing.

I am tired of being embarrassed in the name of this silly reparations business!


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