An Insult to the Jamaican People by the British PM

Featured Image -- 11053I for one is very applaud by the Insults of the Jamaican people by David Cameron the British Prime Minister who recently visit the Island and the only concession that he could make to the Jamaicans is to spend £25 Millions Pound on building Prison.
My question to Mr Cameron is what about Trading with their old footstool so that they can have a better life, what about offer to build more school for the young deprived.
Is Cameron a prawn where the shit stuck in it’s head, less he forget most of Jamaica problems was caused by the British Colonial rule of which that Island is still suffering from both mentally and physically.
Has he forgotten that after the last World War it was the people from that said country who was taken to rebuilt his country that he believes that he was the only one that was born to Govern.
Is it that Cameron sees every Jamaican as a criminal why his only offer is prison, what about those who were born in Britten, are they going to be sent to Jamaica too,think again Cameron the people won’t be taking this likely, it’s time you hands up and help the people your forefather has left in poverty.


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