JAMAICA Observer online readers have weighed in on Tuesday’s incident in Parliament which saw members of the Opposition Jamaica Labour Party staging a walkout during a heated discussion over the now controversial United Kingdom prison deal. Here are some edited comments:


Perfect fodder for election posturing!

Neutral Justice

Rational thinking has evaded Bunting; he has been goaded politically by the Opposition and therefore lost all his (believed positivity) presentation. Ladies and gentlemen, we now see his ego comes before common sense. The question is: what does the Jamaican people save, this is a lose-lose prison-gate for the people of Jamaica, and sure enough, a stupid contemplation by Bunting that will have a telling effect on the upcoming election? Prison is a deterrent, however, the conditions are bad, but why compound it by having more dangerous felons mixed with our bonehead murderers? Then the cost, the maintenance, and dumping of England’s responsibility, without the cash. We think the British PM has been insulting and insensitive to a struggling country going down daily with crime as an albatross, suffocating any meaningful gains Jamaica may have. It’s a rotten deal, renegotiate and come again. Have sense, Peter, it’s wrong for Jamaica.


@Neutral Justice: So what is the rationale? Allow the Brits to deport the prisoners leaving us to foot their rehab bill, while allowing our dilapidated prison infrastructure to continue to operate well below UN and international standards? We have foolish pride when it comes to accepting Jamaican criminals from other countries, but none with regards to how we treat our home-grown miscreants.

Maria Monk

@Neutral Justice: Commonsense is sense not common and it would be a “travesty of justice” to accuse Mr Bunting of having common sense. The minister is clearly a “square peg in a round hole”.


@Neutral Justice: Did it ever occur to you that it is not everybody who is in prison is a violent person?

PhilT McNasty

Send them outside like the two primary schoolboys that they are! Let them duke it out in the schoolyard! BTW, won’t the appointment of this special select committee all be “yes men” to the people who appoint them? In that case, we should have a national referendum on this huge issue.


@PhilT McNasty: Of course you need to have a special committee. Do you think that the entire £25 million would be used for prison? Friends and families, sorry, I mean consultants need to eat a food too.

Maria Monk

@PhilT McNasty: We have quite a few issues that need a referendum… we could have one ‘massive referendum’. The dinosaurs are afraid of this because it would see the back of some of them. LOL!

ragga guru

We need a prison, however we cannot allow this government to just go ahead and willfully make a commitment to another government without ensuring that all other arguments are taken into consideration. As for Bunting, what was obvious in the session was that he was stumped by Holness’ claims and had no counterargument and proceeded to get personal… lame, Mr Bunting, very lame…to the man with the failed portfolio.


@ragga guru: You are talking foolishness. Andrew’s arrogance is taking him nowhere, he obviously does not have the facts correct but want to assert himself as though he is an authority on the matter. That was the same problem that caused the court to rule against him as it related to him demanding that his senators sign letters in violation of the Jamaican Constitution.


@ragga guru: This is the reason why transparency is important when governments are making important decisions that affect the country as a whole.


Yes, this is what Jamaica needs, right? SMDH. Carry on PNP, mash up the country.

Patrick Greenwood

Gotta love it when our “leaders” act like spoiled six-year-olds. Boo hoo, Andrew; did the man upset you?


@ Patrick Greenwood: Read the article again, maybe you will see that Andrew was asking questions in the interest of all Jamaicans. Bunting got personal and would not provide the MOU for the country to see. For once, forget about JLP or PNP, and focus on Jamaica.

Maria Monk

@ Patrick Greenwood: I believe Jamaica is even more upset than Mr Holness. How can you debate a MOU for which the contents are not known… booboo? What is there to debate booboo?


I think the PNP takes us for idiots. To suggest that the legislative framework must be in place before the agreement can be signed is nonsense. I take you to the IMF agreement, where as part of this agreement certain legislative work, ie, new laws must be drafted at specific points in the agreement.

Did we wait to have those laws enacted before the agreement was signed? Peter, don’t get me started.

The UK government has been very clear and forthright to its citizens so far, they have said exactly how much will be saved by this deal. Contrast that with what we get from local politicians. Gosh, I am so angry with these people! Please call the elections!


Bunting should be sidelined and REMOVED from GORDON HOUSE. He is rude and uncouth.


@ fatherforesight; And leave Andrew?


@Fatherforesight: Mr Bunting did everything right today in the House of Parliament. Mr Holness should not be talking that way to the minister. There is protocol to be followed, so to me Holness was acting like a bully, and when he did not have his way, he walked out of Parliament.


@Purelifenilla: But, the ‘tom’ never walked out when his imperial master disrespected parliament!

Christopher joseph

Mr Bunting is an arrogant egotistical person who, without doubt, is the worst minister of national security the country has ever had. He should be dismissed and then he could go back into his private sector business. Answer the question for the people of Jamaica who, if you did not know or realise, you work for.

Jamaican Thoughts

The thing is there are too many “unknowns” about this deal. Where is the next 40% going to come from? How will the prisoners be identified? Jamaican born? Of Jamaican parents? Or all Jamaicans in UK prisons? Will it be a dumping ground a ‘send every Jamaican in jail in the UK come’ type of thing?


@Jamaican Thoughts: Correction: Not 40 per cent but 60 per cent. The £25 million is $40 per cent of the cost of building the prison. Jamaica will have to find the other 60 per cent.

CArlton Reynolds

Children at play! How does Holness know the arrangement is not in the best interest of Jamaica if he does not yet know the terms? Wouldn’t it have been better to hear what the minister had to say and responded, rather than walking out?

Devonte Osie

@CArlton Reynolds: You are absolutely right.

Maria Monk

@CArlton Reynolds: The minister has a responsibility to inform the public of the contents of the MOU. Based on the report he has refused to make known the contents of the MOU. Is this another “secret MOU”?. We all know what secret MOUs have cost us in the past.


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