Jamaican female dead at street dance, Fell off speaker box

Street dance in the Dancehall is becoming a bit too life threatening for the patrons who find enjoyment in these events. An unknown Jamaican female recently lost much more than her dignity, she also lost her life.

Reports are that a female was at a local dance performing a few acrobatic dance moves on top of the speaker boxes, when she lost her balance and fell off, landing on her neck. She died on spot.
“Everyone was shocked when she fell on her head,” the source told us. “A few guys went and lift her up and that’s when they noticed her head fell all the way back. They should stop these crazy things they call dancing because people are getting hurt.” a source on the scene shared.


2 thoughts on “Jamaican female dead at street dance, Fell off speaker box”

  1. The desire for becoming acknowledged? our Media is constantly profiling those who become of noticed for something more than a average normal citizen? however as one can see their is a price for some if not many that we never know the fate of a unfavorable consequence in particular a death so unexpected as being auspicious and having the unusual characteristic of circumstance, we may understand and know why those having a lingering fear of the unknown is well justified.

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