‘Jamaicans And Nigerians Can No Longer Be Deported from UK’ All Commonwealth Nations 2015

Commonwealth Nations adopt our Human Rights Mandate against Deportation’-Professor Alexia Thomas, Chairman, The Commonwealth Liberation Party, UK

* Why Nigeria Embassy warns British Govt to stop Xenophobic Migration & Deportation of Nigerians in London
*Vows: ‘You can’t deport 29,000 Nigerians’

*Nigeria implement International Bill of Patriot Mandate initiative to stop deportation
*Nigeria’s VP, Osinbajo applauds Prof. Alexia Thomas on political mythology on Equality Bill & Enforcement Rule

*Nigerian community in UK celebrates victory over Hate & Deportation-threat

*“We’re elated Nigeria, African nations adopting Commonwealth Government

Compliance module”-Chairman, The Commonwealth Liberation Party, UK

*FACT: ‘Detention and Deportation of Commonwealth Citizens from the UK breaches Article 9, 13 & 15 of UDHR 1948’

*QUOTE: ‘I am going to die a death of peace because in my living, the healing has started. And in my death, the healing will continue’-Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas

FOR the very first time since Nigeria attained her independence in 1960, the Nigerian Government has come out in clear terms to express its displeasure to the xenophobic agenda designed by the British authorities at purging non-natives out of United Kingdom just after their last British election.

In this revealing encounter, Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas, a British fiery civil right activist who doubles as President Independent Diplomat Commission, IDC and Chairman, The Commonwealth Liberation Party, TCLP, explained reasons why Nigeria adopted her human right bill, how other Commonwealth nations are doing same and why Britain has no right to deport 29,000 Nigerians in its latest hate-crime against non-natives.

Q: Kindly take us through this latest diplomatic victory that emboldens Nigeria to tell the British Government it has no right to deport 29,000 Nigerians?

To start with, we earlier launched the International Bill of Patriot Mandate here in United Kingdom, UK, where 51 countries that are members of Commonwealth were officially informed, confirmed that they would not, they should not and must not act and cannot participate in the deportation agenda exhibited by the UK Immigration under any guise. And we gave them mandate ultimatum that they should refuse to issue deportation certificates to UK Immigration, they should disengage from hate-crime, deeds and laws, they should refuse to accept deported migrants from the UK.

We gave them an ultimatum to September 28, 2015 for compliance. We told them that if they delay in adhering to the tenets of the legislative mandate and equality deeds, they will be tagged as ‘traitors’ to their citizens.

At the Commonwealth nations of government, we informed them never to be involved in issuing deportation certificates to any member of Commonwealth, but if they fail, then they will be involved in criminal offense. If they fail to disengage from coercion of hate-crime in the diaspora, they should be ready to face the squad of their citizens’ uprising. So, the 5-pages mandate (document) was sent to Nigeria High Commissioner in UK.

Since it is called Commonwealth Government Compliance with the International Bill of Patriot Mandate, IBOPM, they finally had to comply, and we are very proud of them. For the very first time, this morning, I call them (President Mohammadu Buhari’s team) men, they are speaking the language they ought to have spoken some 52 years ago.

They said in their comments: ‘all Nigerians will be protected wherever they are’. They also said that they have been involved with the UK government in terms of trade where lots of profit is to be made. If both governments and parties are involved in trade, then it will be a total abuse of process for the citizens of the country in which UK government is benefiting lots of profits from to be hated, deported or made to pass through Visa procedure.

I am aware that between now and the next 3 weeks, they are still having their ‘cobra meetings’, still sitting on how they are going to work out the mandate. I am presently working on a bond titled ‘Government Anti-deportation Immunity Bond’, which is going to be a piece of mandate that will assist them is putting an end to deportation of Nigerian citizens anywhere in UK.


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