The Power Of Men

For hundred of thousand of years we have been made to believe that only God and God alone got power to control and command us of our everyday lives,but recently I begin to follow the Documentary of the people beyond the conspiracy theory where I found to believe that there are actually people out there who have control over both our Government and ourselves.
These are the people who holds the power of stability and un-stability of any part of this world,these are the said people controls our financial sector.
The people who make us believe that hardship was a part of God’s plan, these are the said people who enslaves the poorer nation for what little they may achieves in their lives.

We hear about the Luminardy clan who are some of the biggest controller of mankind who has created so many underground cities where they will be  well protected once they create WW3,while the rest of us will be wiped out with their super power of army that they are creating within their secret location all over the world.

Don’t be dismay people but the fact is out there and we won’t be able to hide, remember these people determined how we eat,drink and sleep and there can be no uprising against them as they have the means and power to get rid of you before you know it.

So lets get knowledge of the fact that they are amongst us and ready to destroy what God has created.

More research to follow, take care and be safe if only you can.Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 1.57.48 PM



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