Britten and it’s Racist Bullying Politicians

For the past years I have come to notice how the British Politicians have become Racist and a big Bully on towards their lesser opponent of none white who would like to represent Britten in whichever capacity that they may wish.
What I have notice is that if you are not of a white complexion then you should never enter in British political arena as your past will be dragged through the political mud, even if these stories was fabricated to smear your character.
Take for instance the present Mayoral campaign and the EU referendum where Sadiq Khan has been set upon and even called Extremist, then you have Boris Johnson telling Mr Obama that he is an hypocrite and not to intervene in British affairs.
The dirty Media does not help these situation either because if they wanted to help and make any form of difference then they would not have published these articles.
I must say without these Politicians bucking their nasty,dirty,racial bulling trend then things will never change.
Stop been personal in political affairs and do the job you all were chosen to do by the public.


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