Member of Parliament for St Thomas comment.

Featured Image -- 9684I am on a visit to the Island of Jamaica, where I actually heard the member of Parliament for Eastern St Thomas made a comment that the people of his constituency don’t need anything.
I must say to Ferguson you are so right as you are the representative of these people for over a decay now but it’s more like representing yourself or your pocket.
Take for example the main road leading from Kingston through to Portland which is in a very Deplorable condition, the potholes are about Ten feet wide and about Eight inches in depth, the sides of the roads are en-caved with woodland and yet these people don’t need anything, your treatment to these people are worst than how you would treat your dog.
It is time you get up off your old ass and at least give them a decent road to travel on, and stop been a Disgrace to Politics as most of you are.
For once do the decent thing for the people of St Thomas or step aside and give someone else the chance to become a good Representative for these Community.
I lost all respect for someone that I personally know, that was a very good and caring Doctor, letting these people down so badly only show how fake a person you are.


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