The Caribbean Anti-Colonialists


Young Prince Harry is on duty in the Caribbean on behalf of his grandmother, but the story that’s been coming out to the world is that there is an anti-colonial party that has risen up against his appearance in the Caribbean.
One of my question is what is this young Prince go to do with the Caribbean been Colonized for more than a century now, was this young man involved in Selling or Buying of their forefathers.
Why can’t these people move on from the past, more so if they are so bitter about the pass, why not seek the rightful answer from the Tribe that rounded up their fore- parent and sold them as Slaves.
Less we forget you as a buyer only can owned something that you paid for, and if there is a problem with your goods then you are going to see the stores or person’s that sold you that goods.
Therefore whether you support my argue or not, but I believe that as African-Caribbean you have been barking up the wrong tree all along, you all should be trying to find out why did those other Tribes has to round up their brothers and sister and sold them on, instead all we seems to do is pass hate rage on to our children’s and their children’s to come.
For the future lets forget the hate and think Love and Peace amongst all as we do not know what tomorrow brings, we are living in a very corrupt world, one that we need to unite in love and harmony to prepare for our children’s future.
God Bless you all.


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