Riot Breakout in Paris.

Four officers stopped him for an identity check (Picture: BFM TV)Rioting has broken out in Paris after a police officer was charged with raping a young black man with his truncheon. CCTV footage allegedly shows four officers attack him, one of them forcing his police truncheon into his anal passage after they stopped him in…

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Police are investigating a flurry of swastika vandalism over the weekend in three major US cities. Chicago Police released a surveillance video Saturday that shows a man smashing the front window of a synagogue and placing swastikas on the front door. Police are investigating a flurry of swastika vandalism in three major US cities.…

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It is such a disappointment in a country that were build on a multi cultural basic, knowing that we have come this far trying to breakdown Racism, only to find that in the Political world the existence is so rife especially in the present Administration.
My question is?, Is this the American people really wanted when they say that that they wanted a change, instead they find themselves with a Dictator and a Racist as their President.
Is this the Devil himself been manifest in the form of a man unto the rest of the world.
I now know that the pigment of your skin will always be an issue to all the Haters, but all I can say is to be of courage and by the Power of the Almighty we will defeat these Demons.
God Bless You All.