If you imagine that what you are about to read is just the outline of some complicated philosophical system, laboriously brought forth after a long gestation, you are mistaken.
My purpose is to share with you as objectively as possible a personal experience, something that happened to me, in which I seem to see intimations of the beginning of a new phase in the evolution of mankind.
Gradually, in the course of my life, I have been awakened to perception which is now habitual of two aspects of experience of the human spirit, common to us all, but to which we are not normally sufficiently alert.
Firstly, it was not possible for me to be an isolated thinking I was enmeshed in a global network of human thought, and therefore inextricably involved in the kaleidoscopic organisation and reorganisation that is going on all the time, in our vast Universe of Time and Space.
Secondly, at the very point where I was most secure in my own self-hood, a larger Centre for thinking and doing was persistently defining itself; i could not gainsay the emergence deep within me of, as it were someone else who was challenging me to transcend the limitations of my self- cent-redness.
On the one hand, a surging tide, spiritual as well as material, rolling up all the Stuff of the Universe in folds of increasing complexity, into an all inclusive state of sensitively inter-dependence; on the other, mediated to me through the reality of incarnate Deity, a presence so inseparably part of me that, if the requirements of its nature and of mine were to be met, it must be fundamental to all being.
Intellect and intuition were combining to acknowledge a converging cosmos and an emerging Christ, each of which in its own way commanded from me an unconditional response.
Though the impact upon me of the individual components of my double vision was indeed profound, it is conceivable that, because they belonged to different orders of experience, I might not have connected them.
But I did, and the discovery that when the one ingredient is added to the other, the mixture erupts in a flame of fire into a chain reaction, has been the most joyful and exhilarating experience of my life. It is this experience that I am now trying to record. For me , the explosive interaction produced a flash of illumination of such blazing intensity that the whole world, lit up to its very core, was transfigured became in truth the Divine Body.
Because science and theology have simultaneously reached a certain level of maturity, 20th century man suddenly sees opening before him new and wider vistas on a world where individual action, mutual reaction and corporate interaction simply cease to exist as separate categories, not by neutralising one another, but in a paroxysmal welding together such are the temperatures of the Core and the Scale of the All.
Here in the Universe whose evolution is powered by forces tending to unity yet at the same time to diversity just as between persons, love enhances the individual personality of whom it unites.
It is now a long time since, in the mass on the World and the Divine Milieu, I tried to express the astonishment and wonder I felt before the prospects then just beginning to unfold. Today after many years of continual reflection, it is exactly the same basic vision which I feel I must make this effort to present and share in its mature form, maybe with less freshness and exuberance than at the moment of first impact, but still with the same sense of wonder, and the same deep and powerful response.


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